I Want Another Me

Recently a position opened up in the department I manage. An employee from a different department came to me expressing an interest in filling the position in my department. Let’s call him Joe.  In his department Joe has worked for over two years with minimal success. A fellow employee of his—let’s call him Ralph—who started in Joe’s department from the outside less than a year ago, has more or less monopolized the customers in that department.

Joe opines that this monopolization has been due to a combination of factors. One alleged factor is that Ralph has been given unfair help to succeed. What Joe sees as favoritism by management is actually a reasonable reward for Ralph’s hard work, dedication, and hustle. If Joe were to hustle the way Ralph does he would not have his customers monopolized by another salesman. Joe does not take responsibility for allowing potential customers to slip through his fingers at the fault of his own apathy.

Another factor mentioned is that Ralph is able to utilize a web resource (Craigslist) to reach a broader customer base. While it’s true that Ralph makes a lot of contacts from Craigslist, it wasn’t invented yesterday. Joe could have made the most of this resource prior to Ralph’s starting at the company. Again, Joe does not take responsibility for his lack of insight and lack of willingness to utilize all available resources.

Finally, Joe mentioned that his home life has been hectic and that his mood swings at home have carried over into work. He says his relationship has recently ended so the drama at home is now nonexistent. Once again, he does not take responsibility for his lack of what should be common professionalism by avoiding bringing home life to work. And what happens when he gets into another volatile relationship?

Joe shows little to no motivation and no drive to succeed. His attitude is poor and he seems to have given up in his department. He refuses to acknowledge his own role in any of the negatives in his situation. He doesn’t own his station in life.

I explained to Joe that an employee in my department doesn’t have the same earning potential as someone in his department. He replied that it isn’t about money and that he just wants out of his department.  Unfortunately for Joe, I’m looking for someone who is trying to make money. I need someone who is hungry to earn and hungry to succeed. I’m looking for someone who isn’t going to roll over and give up when a new guy comes in and has new ways of doing things and does them better.

I’m looking for someone who’s going to bring something new to the table himself. I’m looking for someone who wants to be on top in this industry. I’m looking for someone who wants to come in and impress the owner enough to take my job right out from under me. That’s what I want. I don’t want to settle for less. I don’t want someone who sees my department as a refuge from some other opportunity that he already squandered. I want someone who wants to conquer the world.

I want me. I want to hire another me. I want to hire someone who is so good that I have to worry about him taking my job. Unlike Joe, who would curl up and die, that would push me to be even better at what I do. I thrive on that, and our business would flourish in that situation.

Bring your A game if you want this job. And be prepared for your A game to not be good enough. Be prepared to find ways to step it up.



~ by hamiltonjacobs on March 19, 2013.

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